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The Tango Room UK


Argentine Tango
in Bristol Uk

Who are we?
Sarah Vonthron-Laver & Jenny Harmer

We are an Argentine Tango group who meet for classes and practica every Monday evening in Bedminster, Bristol UK.

We are a not for profit community group, and all proceeds get reinvested into the group to enable us to bring amazing teachers

from all over the world. 

We have visiting teachers on a monthly basis and in-between times Sarah and Jenny teach the classes

Our New schedule offers a beginners class from 7pm - 8pm 

an intermediates class from 7.30pm - 9pm

+ a 1 hr practica from 9pm - 10pm suitable for all levels.


Sarah has been dancing Argentine tango since 2007, she leads and follows. She has danced and taken many lessons in Buenos Aires, Italy, France & Cyprus. Sarah has an analytical approach to teaching, and because she dances both roles, has a holistic understanding of the dance.


Jenny has been dancing since 2009 and focuses on following. She has visited Buenos Aires on numerous occasions to dance and learn, and has also visited the Milongas of Barcelona, Copenhagen, Italy, Cyprus and France. 


Both Sarah & Jenny regularly take lessons with their maestros/as, and hope in turn to share their knowledge and love of this amazing dance with other members of the group. We prefer traditional tango and the way in which it was danced during the Golden age in Buenos Aires, and this in turn influences our choice of music that we use in class, the teachers we invite and the way in which we move in tango. 

Jenny and Sarah host many visiting teachers including Diomar 'Giraldo' Escobar, Mina Ojeda Patino, Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti, Tanguito Cejas, Marcelo Almiron, Alberto Ortiz, Janet Offer, Gustavo Benzacry-Saba & Luciana Guido, Marek Szotkowski, Daniela Barria & Julian Villardo

Luciano Millaqueao y Celeste Cimino La Piba de los Jazmines, German Landeira. 

Sarah & Jenny are both dedicated to teaching Argentine Tango in the same way in which they were taught,

continuing to bring in visiting teachers whenever possible, and helping develop each individual's dance in a friendly environment.

Visiting Teachers

"The Tango Room, Argentine Tango Classes, Bristol Tango UK ,"
Diomar 'Giraldo' Escobar

Diomar "Giraldo" Escobar 

graduated from the IPC Drama School in Colombia & then was a member of Danza Experimental de Cali for 4 years.

In 1993 Diomar came to London where studied dance and choreography at Lewisham College until 1996. In 1994 he co-founded artLat and went on to become a lead-performer of the company. He has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1990 & travels frequently to Buenos Aires to further his training with recognised Masters like Roberto Herrera and Osvaldo Zotto and Andres 'Tanguito' Cejas. 


Since 2001 he has been touring the UK with the acclaimed shows Subitango and Tiempo de Tango.

Giraldo teaches Argentine Tango throughout the UK & is regularly invited to teach abroad. He has appeared dancing in the films Evita and Dance, a Channel 4-commissioned film, and collaborated with Deborah Bull’s BBC dance season Travels with my Tutu. 

He collaborates with BBC Strictly Come Dancing as resident tango trainer for the competing celebrities.

Graciela Gamba


Was born in Quilmes neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She began her Tango career in 1997 with Maestro Tangueros such as Osvaldo “Valdi” Guevara, Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura.


Diego Converti


Was born in Parque Patricios neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He began his Tango career in 1997 with Maestro Tangueros such as Osvaldo “Valdi” Guevara, Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura.


Diego and Graciela have been dance partners since 2001; they are passionate about Tango Salon, its elegance and musicality, without losing sight of the ‘hood’ dance style.  They have been teaching since 2005 and formed part of the Mariposita de San Telmo Ballet Ensemble, and have taught at Jorge Dispari and Marial del Carmen’s Studio – Villa Urquiza Tango Escuela.  Diego and Graciela perform routinely at the most prominent milongas of Buenos Aires, including Sunderand, Salón Caning, La Baldosa, Porteño y Bailarin, Club Grisel, El Taso, among others.  In 2011, Diego and Graciela toured Europe and Asia, and were participants in the Sixth London Tango Festival and the Winter Carnival Festival in Hong Kong.

"The Tango Room, Argentine Tango Classes, Bristol Tango UK ,"
Myriam Ojeda Patino

Myriam Ojeda-Patiño, "Mina" studied Latin American folklore and urban dance at the Instituto Popular de Cultural, Colombia. She co-founded Danza Experimental de Cali and studied Philosophy at Universidad del Valle gaining her degree in 1992.

In 1993 she left Colombia and came to Britain to pursue a 3-year Dance and Choreography diploma. She then established the Latin American Dance Project in London now known as artLAT.

2002 Myriam gained her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University. She directs Tiempo de Tango, a national touring production funded by the Arts Council of England since 2004 with several national tours. In 2009 She performed in the film Evita with Madonna, created choreography for Dance, a Channel 4-commissioned film, and collaborated with Deborah Bull’s BBC dance season Travels with my Tutu. She collaborates with BBC Strictly Come Dancing as resident tango trainer for the competing celebrities. In 2015 Mina was chosen to play Lucille in the UK film Crowhurst.

Andres 'Tanguito' Cejas

Direct from Argentina 'Tanguito' represents the purest style of Argentine Tango.


Highly respected milonguero, together with his wife and partner Genoveva, has worked with the some of the best known orchestras, among which that of master Mariano Mores, Sexteto Mayor, Berlinghieri-Baffa, Raúl Garello, José Colangelo, Sexteto sur and others.


He has appeared on numerous stages in theatres and shows in Argentina and all over the world with some of the world’s best known tango dancers such as Vanina Bilous & Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Los Dinzel, Nélida & Nelson, Gloria & Eduardo,

and others.


Tanguito has performed and taught extensively throughout the world, his self critical and exhaustive technical training make him amongst the most accomplished and grounded teachers.

"The Tango Room, Argentine Tango Classes, Bristol Tango UK ,"
Janet Offer

Janet Offer discovered Argentine Tango over 20 years ago.


In the first years Janet studied with Christine Denniston.  Also Paul Lange from the long established and highly respected El Once in London. She travels every year to Buenos Aires to study with Jorge Firpo, Augusto Balizano, Stella Barba her favourite maestros, and visits Europe regularly to study and develop as a teacher.


Her love for this dance helped put Bristol on the Tango map as she established Tango West over 16 years ago with her co-directors. With her endless enthusiam she has introduced countless people to Argentine Tango and continues to do so in Cyprus and now as a visiting teacher, in Bristol. 

Marcelo Almiron

Dancer with more than 25 years of experience in tango. He dances from the age of 15. He studied intensively contemporary dance, jazz and break dance. He’s been dancing tango since 1991 – when he started his tango education with the authentic milongueros de la Guardia Vieja Rodolfo and Maria Cieri.
During 1994 and 1999 he continued his search of his tango with the most renowned maestros of different styles, such as: Juan Carlos Copes (stage tango), Nito y Elba (Tango Salón), Pepito Avellaneda (milonga), Gustavo Naveira  (nuevo tango) and many others

In Buenos Aires Marcelo has been teaching in the most important tango schools: Escuela Argentina de Tango, Tango Brujo, Made in Tango, Viejo Correo and Milonguera. He was also presenting Argentina with his dance at the EXPO Zaragoza in 2008.
His rich experience of more than 20 years in tango combined with the passionate expression and great professionalism reflects in his art-creating way of dancing tango.
In his classes he offers his sharp and deep vision of all dimensions of this dance. His unique teaching method is a result of many years of teaching and performing experience and a quintessence of his knowledge in tango.   The core objective of his teaching method is to give his students the understanding of tango and the ability to create their own dance.

Now Based in Warsaw Poland, he runs and teaches at his own school with his wife and dance partner Luiza Almiron.


Marek Szotkowski

Originally from the Czech Republic, Marek has been teaching tango since 2001, including five years in USA, and four years in Paris, France.


In addition, Marek has  taught workshops in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Czech Republic. In November 2009 he moved to the London UK, where he taught classes and workshops, and hosted a regular milonga. 


In 2018 Marek moved to Cardiff and has set up a class there.

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Daniela Barria & Julian Vilardo

Julian Vilardo and Daniela Barria have been dancing together since 2013 but they started their individual careers time before Daniela in 2002 and Julianin 2005.


They took part in "Volver" directed by Andrea Castelli in 2013 were they met. They have trained with a wide variety of teachers including Carlos and Rosa Perez. They guided them by their philosophy of Tango, focussing on Tango's essence. Julian and Daniela have performed in some of the most important Milongas in Buenos Aires and have travelled all around the world performing and teaching. Since 2015 they’ve toured in Asia & Europe including the.


They reached the finals in "The Metropolitan Tango Championship 2014" and achieved 4th place in Vals, 5th place in Milonga and 6th in Tango in "Metropolitan Tango Championship 2016". They also participate of the 'World Tango Championship 2016' achieving 16th place. They reached the 12th place in the last prestigious 'World Tango Championship 2017' between 400 couples from all world. During 2018 they travelled with MSC Cruise teaching and dancing as guest artists.


Since they met each other they were involved to wonderful sensations and the mystery of Argentine Tango. 'Our Tango... A meeting inside of the embrace...When the sensations are highest than the words'

Alberto 'Beto' Ortiz


Beto was born in Buenos Aires and has more than 10 years experience of teaching tango and milonga in Buenos Aires tango schools. Beto has been teaching Tango and DJ' ing in London for the past 5 years,


Beto developed his profound knowledge for Tango de Salon by living & breathing it on the dance floors of BA, and by spending many nights with the great dancers of the current & previous generations.This has resulted in a deep understanding of the subtleties & history of this multi-layered dance as culture & expression as it is lived & danced- aspects of which Beto shares with his students in a clear & fun way. 

Gustavo Benzecry-Sabá

& Luciana Guido

In the 90's Gustavo started dancing Tango and soon thereafter he began his career as instructor and dancer. Even though his specialty is focused on techniques for men, he has also furthered his studies in techniques for women.
In 2004 and 2005 he organized milongas at the Salón Canning and Maipú 444 Plaza Bohemia and after 2006 he started an international career.

Gustavo has published a number of books about tango including his most recent publication 'A quest for the Embrace'

Presently, he makes exhibitions, teaches and gives lectures in Buenos Aires, Europe and in North America, as well as he contributes as tango-dance columnist for publications in Buenos Aires, the United States and Germany.

Luciana has been dancing for over 10 years as a social dancer and had has recently

teamed up with Gustavo where they are forging a beautiful tango partnership.

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