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Private Lessons available
Individual or couples.
with Sarah
visiting teachers when available
Email for more details
Sarah has over 15 years experience dancing
traditional Argentine Tango,
both the follow and lead.
She studies with her teachers
on a regular basis, continuing to take part in workshops and private lessons, and making visits to Buenos Aires when she can, to learn with her Maestros there.
Sarah has an analytical approach to teaching
and focu
ses on a holistic method, aiming to understand the balance of energy between
lead and follow.

Private Tango Lessons

Some way along your tango journey you may be thinking about taking private tango lessons with one of our resident or visiting teachers.

Questions that arise :-

Do I need to take private lessons?


Well no, but if you want to progress your dancing there's a very good reason to take private lessons as opposed to just group classes, and attending Practicas & Milongas.


The teacher is able to give you one to one attention and focus on those problem areas particular to your dance.


They are able to look at the finer detail of your dance, including improving embrace and connection, refining technique, creating opportunities for better musicality + being grounded.


Any particular technical or communication problem that you have encountered along the way can be addressed.


Finally and most importantly, the best way to transmit the essence of tango from one to another is through feeling it, the teacher does not have the time or opportunity to do this during a group class, so taking a private lesson gives the student 'the feeling' which just cannot be transmitted visually or verbally.

I haven't been dancing long, should I wait to take a private lesson, and isn't it too expensive at this stage of dancing?

Depending on how hooked you already are on tango we would recommend private lessons to pretty much of all our beginners.

The teacher will always work on issues particular to your dance, which will boost your progress.


If you are worried about the cost, we can offer lessons with different teachers with a range of price structures.

A typical private would last 1hr + the room hire cost (variable depending on location)

A 'private' can also be booked with a partner, so splitting the cost, and this enables the couple to work on their shared dance experience.

I've been dancing for years, I don't need a private lesson do I?

We recommend to further any dancer's progress at whatever stage/level/experience, to continue to take private lessons on a regular basis. As we get more comfortable with our dance, the tendency is to slip into bad habits, which we get used to over looking, these can sometimes develop into physical injuries if not addressed.


Also the temptation when one has been dancing a while 'to believe we are better dancers than we really are' is not uncommon. Regular private lessons can ensure the reality is at least somewhere near to matching the belief!

So no matter, how long you have been dancing we advocate taking private lessons alongside regular group classes, attending practicas and 'tripping the light' at Milongas.


If you want to book a private lesson email us at 

and we can organise something to suit you!

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